The Watchers

Another from my sketchbook.


The West

This March I took a trip out west to do some climbing in Utah and Colorado. We got snowed out of climbing on Wall Street near Moab, so we went for a ride through Arches National Park. This is a sketch of Double Arch from underneath, then colored later in Photoshop. Ended up kind of abstract.

Mountain Gazette June 09

The June Climbing Issue of Mountain Gazette is out! I have friends calling me from Colorado saying they picked it up, which is awesome (they would also loot the nearest coffee shop for a stack of copies if I asked them to). I also have an article that appears inside about the process I go through creating an illustration. I was really stoked when John Fayhee, the Gazette's editor emailed me with the article suggestion. I think the idea was to show people how much work and planning goes into something like this.