Reluctant Hero

Illustration for "The Reluctant Hero", a piece by Bill Dwyer, about the choice to rescue a stranded climber on Aconcagua.

"I was coming down from Aconcagua's summit for the third time this year when I saw the guy face down in the snow, in a whiteout at 22,000 feet."

Out right now in the October issue of Climbing, in the Roadkill section.


Wolf Hunters

While serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Romania, I decided to climb Parangul Mare, one of the highest peaks in the country, in the Carpathian Alps. Its not a technical ascent, just a long hike. Along the way I noticed blood splattered on the trail, and soon after ran into two Moldovans, who told me they were tracking a wolf. They had high powered rifles and sheepskin hats. I guess they had shot it, and were following it to finish it off. They were eager to know if I had seen anything. Nice guys, and very amused at me being American and speaking (bad) Romanian.
I did this illustration a while ago, and never did anything with it.


Iceberg climbing

Iceberg climbing fascinates me, especially the idea that you are climbing a moving mountain. And, being in the ocean, there is a whole lot going on under you, a whole other world, with creatures swimming around in a parallel universe.